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Monday, January 26th, 2004

Free Asian Pen Pals

Sometimes, you are just looking for someone who understands you. Not every relationship has to be physical, and some of the best friends you’ll ever meet will be your free Asian pen pals. From China to Korea, you can find free Asian pen pals to correspond with who share your interests and background.

Free Asian Pen Pals Online
I’m a huge music fan, and one of my favorite artists is Paul Simon. Even back here in the USA, I have trouble meeting someone with whom I can talk about Simon’s solo work. One day, I decided to post a profile on a personals site and talk about my enthusiasm for this music.

Within days, I had responses from people in Asia who also loved Paul Simon’s work. In fact, I started corresponding with a girl in Tokyo who knew as much as I did about this music. Although it isn’t feasible for us to date, I have found her to be one of my favorite pen pals.

In fact, I’ve met tons of other people through free Asian pen pals sites. With the advent of e-mail, I can correspond with these people quickly and easily. If you’re looking for long-distance friends, check out the free Asian pen pals sites online!

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